6.0 Powerstroke diesel engines


(Interchangeable with the 6.0 International VT 365)

Properly re-manufactured with new parts.  All 6.0 Long Blocks come standard with 250-4202 ARP head studs.  Use the drop down list to select year model and any available upgrades that you might want.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you purchase Driven Break-In oil with your engine.  It is the only diesel specific break in oil on the market. It can be purchased on our web site for $119.00 for 4 gallons and can be shipped at NO EXTRA CHARGE  with your re-manufactured engine.

You MUST SELECT appropriate MODEL YEAR and appropriate CORE CHARGE from the drop down list below.


Refundable Core Deposit (Must select appropriate one) * 

Core deposit covers the CORE ENGINE and the SHIPPING CRATE. FREE SHIPPING on core return if scheduled thru Asheville Engine. Missing engine parts or parts that are unusable may be deducted from the deposit.

VIN number – Mileage – Production date * 

When ordering, please provide the VIN # and MILEAGE for Warranty purposes in the box below.
*For 2004 trucks, please provide the PRODUCTION DATE/BUILD DATE. It’s located on the door sticker.
(Format like this 1FTWW38P84EA52896 – 187,454 – 04/04)

Break-In Oil

DRIVEN DBR 15W-40 BREAK-IN OIL – 4 GALLONS.  This DIESEL SPECIFIC BREAK-IN OIL from Joe Gibbs Racing is recommended for use in our re-manufactured diesel engines.  Promotes proper surface mating during the critical break-in process and chemically assists with piston ring sealing in high-performance and turbocharged diesel engines.
* Shipped with engine with no additional shipping charges.

Stage 2 camshaft

STAGE 2 CAMSHAFT. – Manufactured to our own specifications. An Asheville Engine stage 2 camshaft provides a smoother transition and less stress for the valves, spools the turbo quicker, drops the EGT’s, adds approximately 45 HP and can provide better fuel mileage.

O-Ringed cylinder heads

(Upgrade to Long Block only) O-RINGED CYLINDER HEADS allow for a better head-to-block combustion seal helping to avoid the problem of blown head gaskets.

O-Ringed cylinder heads with competition valve job

(Upgrade to long block only) O-RINGED HEADS WITH COMPETITION VALVE JOB. This O-ringed head upgrade also has a special high performance valve job which allows up to 30% more airflow, depending upon turbo size and other add-ons.

Short Block gasket set

Complete gasket set with head gaskets to install our short block in your truck.

SHORT BLOCK GASKET SET comes with every gasket and seal needed to install an Asheville Engine short block, including head gaskets. (Price shipped with engine)
Mahle / Victor Reinz is the largest manufacturer of gaskets in the world today, manufacturing gaskets for virtually every engine manufacturer producing engines worldwide. With the best coverage on the planet, the Victor Reinz product offering covers over one million applications worldwide, including the Ford Motor Company.
(Short block only)

Long Block gasket set

Complete gasket set with everything you need to install our long block in your truck.

LONG BLOCK GASKET SET comes with every gasket and seal needed to install an Asheville Engine Long Block (Price shipped with engine)
(Does not included head gaskets, head gaskets are already installed in long block).
Mahle / Victor Reinz is the largest manufacturer of gaskets in the world today, producing gaskets for virtually every engine manufacturer producing engines worldwide, including the Ford Motor Company.
(Long Block only)

High rev valve train upgrade

HIGH REV VALVE TRAIN UPGRADE includes a high rev valve spring set with retainers and thick walled heavy duty Chromoly push rods. For use in high rev applications up to 5,000 RPMs. When matched with the Asheville Engine Stage 2 Camshaft you can expect a smooth power curve. (Long block only)

Balanced rotating assembly

BALANCED ROTATING ASSEMBLY. We offer this option as an upgrade for those people who want a perfectly balanced engine. If you don’t understand the “balancing” and would like to learn why you might, or might not want it done, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on our blog “Balancing a Powerstroke diesel engine”.
Keep in mind that we own a $35,000 balancing machine and we make money balancing an engine but we will not lie to you to tell you that it is necessary. Most shops charge a lot more to do one but we keep the cost to a minimum for those people who want it done. If we were building a Nascar engine that runs at 9,800 RPM, we would tell you that it has to be done.

Calico CT-2 ceramic piston coating

CERAMIC PISTON COATING. Calico CT-2 is a metallic ceramic coating for use on ferrous and non ferrous substrates to optimize thermal management of parts subject to heat. Designed for use in combustion chambers and on piston tops.
To learn more, copy and paste this link to your browser:

Calico CT-1 bearing coating

COATED BEARINGS. Calico CT-1 is a Dry Film Lubricant coating that helps reduce friction and abrasive wear. It provides intermittent dry lubrication and is not affected by dust or dirt. CT-1 is specifically engineered to withstand the extreme conditions of today’s high performance engines. Professional engine builders enjoy a higher level of confidence with increased embedability, strength and durability.
To learn more, copy and paste this link to your browser: https://www.calicocoatings.com/coating-data-sheets/ct-1-dry-film-lubricant/

Wagler connecting rods

WAGLER CONNECTING RODS. The choice of brand is up to you but we recommend Wagler because we don’t have to clearance the block for installation. Billet connecting rods are recommended for applications in which you plan to build an engine capable of exceeding 650 horsepower.

Carillo connecting rods

CARILLO CONNECTING RODS. Carillo may be the most well-known brand of billet connecting rods. Billet connecting rods are recommended in high horsepower applications over 650 horsepower.

ARP Custom Age 625 head stud upgrade

ARP CUSTOM AGE 625+ HEAD STUDS. All of our 6.0 Long Blocks come standard with ARP 250-4202 head studs. This UPGRADE is the cost difference between the standard 250-4202 ARP studs used in our long blocks and the cost of Custom Age 625 ARP head studs. The retail price to purchase is higher and can be found under “Products” on our web site.
All Custom Age 625+ studs are centerless ground, heat treated prior to thread rolling and machining, and are nominally rated at 270,000 psi. These fasteners deliver a 40% increase in tensile strength over the OEM Torque to Yield (TTY) head bolts.
(Long block only)

Ford OEM head gaskets


6.0 Ford Powerstroke diesel engines, properly remanufactured with new parts.

Short Block – Properly machined engine block with connecting rods and pistons.  Remanufactured to exact specifications using brand new parts, including Mahle/Clevite pistons with rings, main bearings, rod bearings, cam bearings, and lifters.    Usually ships in 1 to 2 days

* Please make sure that you add the $900. core deposit.  Deposit is for the core engine and the shipping crate and is refundable.

Long Block – Same as above including properly machined cylinder heads with brand new valve springs, the correct injector clamps, rocker boxes and complete valve train including Chromoly pushrods.  Every 6.0 Long block is assembled with ARP Head Studs.  Usually ships in 1 to 4 days.  

* Please make sure that you add the $1,200. core deposit.  Deposit is for the core engine and the shipping crate and is refundable.

We do not included manifolds, fuel system components, oil pan, covers or any electrical components with our 6.0 Powerstroke short block or long block engines.

Ford OEM Complete – Complete drop in engine built with ARP head studs.  This engine is offered as a quick drop in engine for customers who need to get the job done quick. This engine is built to original Ford OEM specifications with just the ARP studs added and shipped to you directly from Ford.

* Please make sure that you add the $3,500. core deposit.  Deposit is for the core engine and the shipping crate and is 100% refundable.  *We do not offer a complete 6.0 with any of the other upgrades.

* For reference, Shipping costs for engines are listed at the bottom of our PRODUCTS page but are automatically calculated when you check out on our CART page.  The rates listed are for shipments to commercial addresses within business districts.  Residential shipping, shipments to rural areas or farms are charged more (Usually $200.00).  * Call for pricing on shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and International shipments. 

If you’d like to know what customers say about the Ford Powerstroke diesel engines that we build, here’s a link to our Testimonials page. www.ashevilleengine.com/2018/12/customer-testimonials/

Asheville Engine also sells internal engine parts for repairs, gaskets sets for installation as well as complete rebuild kits for the guy who wants to build an engine himself.  For parts, follow this link  https://ashevilleengine.com/shop/

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Additional information

Engine Block

18 mm Short Block, 20 mm Short Block, Studded Long Block, Studded OEM Complete

Model Year

Early 2003 (Production date 9/29/03 and earlier), Late 2003 (Production date 10/03 and later), 2004, 2005 – 2010, 2005 Excursion (We will contact you for more information)


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