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The only thing better than an Asheville engine is our reputation.

Asheville Engine, Inc.

Asheville Engine is a family owned business which was founded in January 2012 for "something to do" as a semi-retirement business. We quickly gained a solid reputation as providing customers with the best quality Navistar International and Ford Powerstroke re-manufactured engines for the best price, while at the same time giving our customers something rarely seen in the automotive industry...outstanding customer service.

With nothing except word of mouth advertising, we grew by over 100% in each of the first four years. By the middle of 2013, we had not only outgrown our small assembly shop near Asheville, NC but we also outgrew the capability of the three local machines shops who were machining parts for us. We believe that we are the most highly recommended Powerstroke engine builder on Social Media with approximately 30% of our business coming from customer recommendations.

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In October of 2013, we forged a new business relationship with Top Speed Performance Automotive Machine Shop in Blountville, TN which had been in business for over 35 years.

Because of their financial commitment to upgrade their equipment and add new people to take on the additional machine shop work that we provided them, we moved all of our assembly operations to Blountville TN. Since that time, Asheville Engine has continued to grow, setting new production and sales records every year.

In 2022, Top Speed Performance & Machine built a new manufacturing facility, doubling their capability to keep up with production.

Asheville Engine does not use inexperienced assembly line workers to build our engines like some of the big engine builders do. Every person who is instrumental in building your engine has over 20 years of experience in their respective jobs, whether it's machining cylinder heads or assembling the final product.

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Asheville Engine, Inc.