18mm Short Block gasket set w/18mm head gaskets – FREE SHIPPING


Mahle SHORT BLOCK gasket set includes 18 mm head gaskets and every other gasket and seal to install an Asheville Engine 6.0 Powerstroke or VT365 SHORT BLOCK.


Mahle/Victor Reinz is the largest manufacturer of gaskets in the world today, producing gaskets for virtually every engine manufacturer producing engines worldwide, including the Ford Motor Company.  All gaskets are not created equal – Victor Reinz gaskets prove it every day.


18mm SHORT BLOCK gasket set.  Mahle short block gasket set includes everything needed to install an Asheville Engine 6.0 SHORT BLOCK from the oil pan to the turbo.  This 18mm short block gasket set includes two 18 mm head gaskets.  FREE SHIPPING.

If you are installing a short block, you may want a set of Manton 4130 Chromoly pushrods to go with it.  Asheville Engine also sells O-ringed cylinder heads and ARP 250-4202 head studs to install them.

You can find these and other Powerstroke products on our website at https://ashevilleengine.com/powerstroke-diesel-engines-2/

At Asheville Engine, we offer Ford Powerstroke remanufactured engines at the best prices available.  If you find a cheaper price, it may be because that company is reusing internal engine parts that you can not see.  Other ways that companies cut corners is by re-ringing pistons and only honing the cylinders, even though they are worn enough to require boring and new oversize pistons.  There are even engine builder who will re-use cracked cylinder heads on a 6.0 Powerstroke.  Many 6.0 Powerstroke cylinder heads that are cracked will not be so bad that they cause an immediate problem but you don’t need them to last just until they are out of warranty.  You can trust that Asheville Engine magnafluxes and pressure tests cylinder heads and engine blocks to make sure we deliver an engine that will last.

For more details about our re-manufactured engines, including current engine prices, please visit our website at www.AshevilleEngine.com




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