Updated 6.0/6.4 Push rods – Stock replacement – free shipping



Updated 6.0/6.4 push rods. Set of 16 for Powerstroke diesel engines.  Made with 1010 Chromoly. 

These updated 6.0/6.4 push rods are the correct length for both the 6.0 and the 6.4 Ford Powerstroke diesel engines.  In 2007, Navistar shortened the length of the push rods that were in the 6.0 Powerstroke at the same time that they started building the 6.4 Powerstroke diesel engine for the 2008 Ford Superduty trucks.

Why change pushrods?

Because the push rod was too long, it caused undue stress on the lifters.  Lifter failure is quite common in 6.0 Powerstroke engines, especially after removing and re-installing the cylinder heads.  As long as you have the heads off, you should also put new lifters in it.  Unfortunately, to change all of the lifters, you need to pull the rear cover off the engine which adds a lot of additional work.  Because we’ve found that about 70% of lifter failures occur in the front half of the engine, you should at least replace the lifters in the front 4 cylinders since you can get at them easily when the cylinder heads are off.

Need Lifters?

You can purchase a set of lifters at this link. https://ashevilleengine.com/product/powerstroke-oem-roller-lifters-for-7-3-6-0-and-6-4-powerstroke-16-piece-set-free-shipping/

If you’d like to purchase just a half set, we would be more than happy to take that order but half sets are not listed on our web site.  Please send an email request to AshevilleEngine@aol.com to purchase a half set and we will contact you.

For higher horsepower applications

For higher horsepower applications, Asheville Engine sells Manton heavy duty 4130 Chromoly push rods.

Follow this link for the Manton push rods https://ashevilleengine.com/product/manton-push-rods-6-0-powerstroke-heavy-duty-4130-chromoly-free-shipping/



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