Straub Technologies Stage 2 Cam 6.0/6.4 Powerstroke – Free shipping

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Rather than build a camshaft from a stock 6.0/6.4 cam core, Straub Technologies started with a clean slate and designed this cam with different lobe separation than most other stage 2 camshafts which allowed them to squeak out a little more performance.  In a daily driver it’s probably not enough to matter but it could mean the difference between winning and coming in a very close second in competition.


  • Straub Technologies didn’t start with a stock core to build their Stage 2 cam. While most stage 2 cams are very similar, Straub changed the lobe separation to get better performance.  The Late Brian Gray attributed a Straub Technologies cam for helping him break the World Record for the fastest 7.3 Powerstroke in 2018.  It was the only change he made to his engine from the year before.
  • 100% USA made 8620 billet cores.  Camshaft based on stock head flow numbers will net a gain of 200 HP in a 6.4 Powerstroke.

Regular price $1095 shipped to the door.  We have these cams in stock but will not keep them in stock after what we have is gone because Straub Technologies is just a few miles from our shop.  Asheville Engine closeout price $850.00 while they last.

Price includes shipping to the 48 continental United States.

Asheville Engine also manufactures our own Stage 2 Powerstroke camshaft. It is a brand new Billet camshaft custom built to our own specifications.  An Asheville Engine Stage 2 camshaft lowers EGTs, helps spool the turbo quicker, can provide increased fuel economy. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about our Stage 2 camshaft, you can get more by following this link.

Other products that you may need if you are adding an Asheville Engine Stage 2 Powerstroke camshaft to an engine that you are building yourself are Ford OEM lifters, heavy duty Manton push rods, head gaskets or a complete gasket set for the 6.0 Powerstroke.  All of these products and more are offered on our web site at 

We also offer complete rebuild kits with everything that you need to build your own engine.  We offer these as basic kits as well as for mid level and high performance.

Before you spend all of the time and money building your own engine, you might want to get prices for all of the machining and the parts that you will need to build it and compare that to the price we charge for our engines.  With a studded 6.0 long block starting at just $5,295.00, many people find that it is about the same price as if they build one themselves.


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