Asheville Engine Customer Testimonials

At Asheville Engine, we receive unsolicited customer testimonials on a regular basis. Although we would like to update all of the Asheville Engine customer testimonials on a more regular basis, we simply don’t have the time to dedicate to this purpose. Below are some of the customer testimonials from customers that Asheville Engine has received dating back 10 years.

Received via our web site on 9/13/2012   

“We purchased an engine from Asheville Engine and received an email afterward saying that they shipped an EGR Delete kit with our engine that we didn’t pay for and asked if we would like to keep the kit at cost, or send it back with the shipping cost on them.   We decided to keep the kit and got it for cost.   They could have just as well charged normal price or something along those lines but they didn’t.   From time to time you actually do find someone or a company that takes care of customers or for that matter potential customers.  Asheville Engine goes way above what I would think someone would do for a stranger half the country away.  Thank you guys so much and look forward to doing more with you guys.”  

Received via our web site

 “I’m not sure that I am adding this in the correct place but I want to give Asheville Engine a ‘shout out’ for a great product and awesome service!  I did a lot of research and talked, personally, to references that repeatedly buy Asheville’s re-built engines.” Thanks, Yolanda

Received via Facebook    

I just want to give a BIG shout out to Rob…and his guys at Asheville engine…I got his stage 2 long block and his motor is a piece of art and my truck runs new and stronger than it ever has…I am absolutely in love with the performance and superior quality that they put into every motor they build…Guys…and Gals…if your in need of a quality long or short block …Rob and Matt at Asheville Engine is the best place to get yours from!!!!!!…..YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

Yes there are cheaper ones elsewhere…at least on face value…but you wont have the peace of mind and warranty that you get with one of Rob’s motors…and will spend a lot more on your engine in the end…and their customer service is second to none….their professional work is art with everything they build!!…and when I had questions…and concerns about my motor…Rob gave me his personal cell number and has answered his phone EVERYTIME! I called and was never in a hurry to get me off the phone…he has answered every dumb question I had… I have 4000 miles on my new motor…and I love it!!… and I really mean it when I say it…THANKS ROB…MAY YOUR BUSINESS CONTINUE TO BE BLESSED AND CONTINUE TO GROW…THE DIESEL WORLD NEEDS YOU BROTHER!!!!” Tommy Wininger

Not just stock engines

Asheville Engine isn’t just focused on getting good customer testimonials. We are focused on our customer’s dreams and desires. This picture is a 1968 Ford built by Henry Crawn from Motion Automotive in Aiken, SC. Henry has been racing his Asheville Engine powered by a 6.0 Powerstroke diesel engine in the Optima Ultimate Street Car racing series for several seasons now. To read more about the Optima Ultimate Street car challenge, follow this link.

Asheville Engine, Inc.

Received December 2014

“Thank you so much for your help, honestly couldn’t ask for better customer service and y’all provide an amazing product! I couldn’t be happier with my new motor”.Thank you again

Recieved via email at   

“I  have to echo the statement on your website.   You may not sell the cheapest engine, but I firmly believe it would be difficult to find a better built engine.   It also would be difficult to find a better group of people.   I know enough to work on cars, but I’m far from a diesel mechanic.   Rob and Mat answered all of my silly questions without making me feel like an idiot.   You can’t beat the customer service and you can’t be the engine.   Thank you all for the help in getting my truck back on the road.   I plan to keep it for a long time and the new motor is the biggest part of it.   If  I run into anyone else needing a Powerstroke engine, I know where I will send them.”   Rodney Paige

More Facebook posts

I rarely post on here (Facebook) but figured I would let everyone know my experience.  A month ago I purchased a long block from Asheville Engine in North Carolina over the Internet.  I had never met anyone from there in person or knew them directly but they had a great reputation on all the pages so I went ahead and spent just over $5k on a long block for my fathers personal truck. 

Robert Gilton  “I bought a short block from Asheville Engine back in December.  Before I started assembling I figured I would make sure the coolant and oil passages were clean and clear.  I cleaned them out with brake clean, then blew everything out with shop air. I couldn’t find any debris inside the short block.  Not even a shaving was left behind.  The work they do at Asheville is second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate to order another engine from them. Thanks again Rob. I couldn’t be happier.”

Amber Elizabeth  “We have installed many for our customers. I can highly recommend Asheville Engine.  Rob Newcomb is a great guy and stands behind his products 100%. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality.”

Here is a link to an actual facebook post in which somebody asked the 6.0 Powerstroke group about our engines. You have to be a member of the group to read it. Click on it and read what real people say.

Received April 29, 2017 via US Mail

Just a short note to tell you, thank you.  I’m 67, and retired, bought my 6.0 new in 2006.  When my third grandson asked when he was 10, “granddad, when I turn 16 can I have your truck?”, I said “sure.”  Never would I have dreamed that I would buy 3 more and build them up for all my grandsons!   Y’all have made the experience the fun that it was supposed to be.  No hassle, patience with me, and cleared up some fog in my head (remember, I’m 67).  I have one more to do, I hope I don’t have to call y’all (no offense but this is getting expensive), Thanks again.Thanks to all at Asheville Engine.”  Danny Hornsby

4/1/2018  Copied from the Better Business Bureau website: 

“I wanted to say thanks to Rob & Debbie, Mat & all the guys who work hard in the back to give me a fantastic engine. When your truck engine goes down and you finally accept you need a new one , it is a stressful and expensive moment for anyone. After doing my homework & reading between the lines of the 3 negative reviews on here I still proceeded with Asheville Engine for my new engine. I know myself as a business owner people are oh so quick to be negative but never have time to leave a positive review. 

When I placed the order and paid for it -it was here within 8 days with a pre -paid skid to return my core.  My engine was installed at my Ford dealer with no problems and we sent the core back.  Now here is where it gets good – you know most out of state companies will do anything to keep your core charge – hell its not like I’m ever going to see inside _ I’m in NY and hardly going to drive to NC to dispute the damage to my core ………

Asheville Engine gave me MORE than the agreed core charge and sent me an email explaining why . Very trustworthy business! Don’t panic if they dont answer the phone -they are a family owned & operated business but Mat or his Dad will get back to you in 24 hrs and will spend as much time as you need and never rush you off the phone -just my experience.”  Stuart D.

Asheville Engine, Inc.  We Keep You Strokin’

Asheville Engine, Inc.

Asheville Engine is the leading independent Powerstroke engine builder in the world, powering trucks in Guatemala, Switzerland, Australia, Iceland, Denmark and other countries around the world. We are serious about our business and keep enough inventory IN STOCK to build 50 to 100 Powerstroke engines so our lead time is generally only 1 to 3 days.


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  2. Mark Holland on April 14, 2022 at 6:03 pm

    After my OEM 6.0 blew a cylinder (hole in piston? rings collapsed? who knows) on my way back from Arizona to NC towing 12000 lbs of horses and trailer, I contacted these folks for a replacement. Had it shipped to my local service guy who said it looked great. Shipping was very secure and the engine was well protected. Arrived when they said it would – always a plus.
    I ordered the block studded and the heads o-ringed, with the Stage 2 cam that includes the 5 taper valve grind. I had my tech run enlarged exhaust all the way through to keep flow up and temps down, but the turbo is a replacement stock, as are the injectors, HPOP, and all the sensors.
    After install, I went through a good break-in period, with varied RPM’s and loads for the first few thousand miles, getting progressively stronger heat cycles till about 5K miles. The engine runs great, doesn’t use a drop of oil, and pulls like nobody’s business. Ran my 12,000 lb trailer up and down the Carolina mountains with ease – the engine is stronger than the OEM ever was!
    When under no load, I can easily break the rear loose and take off like a scalded cat!
    The folks at Ashville engine were very helpful in determining what would make the most sense for my needs and not spending money unnecessarily. And with their level of experience and knowledge, I trust them and the quality of their work. So far, It’s been 2 years/16K miles and I haven;t had a lick of trouble – the fuel mileage continues to rise (approx 17 mpg highway) and about 13 towing my big trailer. All in all, a great purchase from a good group of guys who really want to do a quality job and take pride in their work.
    If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your Powerstroke, you won;lt go wrong with the folks at Ashville Engine.