6.4 Powerstroke diesel engines


Core Charges (Must select appropriate one)

Core engine must rotate 360 degrees and have no broken connecting rods or other parts or there may be a deduction from the core deposit. Core deposit covers the CORE ENGINE and the SHIPPING CRATE. Shipping prices, listed under “PRODUCTS” on our web site cover the cost of shipping the engine to you and return shipping of the core engine if scheduled thru Asheville Engine.

VIN number and mileage *

When ordering, please provide the VIN number and mileage for Warranty purposes in this box below, then click on the “Add to cart” button below the box.
Format like this ( 1ftsw21r67ab10792 – 123,462 )

Choose the Warranty plan that is best for you. (Must select one)
In order to keep the cost of an engine to a minimum, we offer a one year Manufacturers Parts Warranty for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
Parts and Labor Warranties on engines built in house at Asheville Engine, Inc. are available for an additional charge based on length of Warranty from 12 to 36 months..
All engines are built to the same high quality standards!
Ford OEM engines have a warranty through the Ford Motor Company. Do not choose one of these plans.


6.4 Powerstroke remanufactured engine replacements from the leading independent Powerstroke engine builder in the United States.

Asheville Engine 6.4 Coated Short Blocks.  Each 6.4 Powerstroke remanufactured engine that we build in house are assembled with a balanced rotating assembly, delipped thermal coated pistons to protect against cracking and coated bearings for increased lubricity.  These upgrades help to increase longevity and performance.  * When installing a 6.4 short block or a long block, we highly recommend that you also replace the entire fuel system.

Your Core engine must rotate 360, have no cracks and no broken connecting rods, or crankshaft or there will be a deduction in the core return.

You can choose between a 12 month, 24 month and 36 month Warranty on our engines built in house.

All Ford OEM engines are built to Ford (stock) specifications.  OEM engines are warranted at any Ford dealership nationwide.  Ford OEM Short blocks include cylinder head gaskets, front cover, front seal, fuel filters, fuel pump to fuel rail tubes, oil filter and base, oil cooler, oil pan and pick up tube, oil pump assembly, rear cover and rear seal.  The Ford OEM Long Blocks come with everything that the OEM short block comes with.  It also has cylinder heads, lifting eyes, push rods, rocker carriers, vibration dampener and water pump assembly.  The fuel pump to fuel rail tubes, fuel filters, crankshaft and camshaft sensors and thermostats are also included.

OEM Stripped Long Blocks DO NOT INCLUDE fuel pump to fuel rail tubes, injector to fuel rail tubes, fuel filters, crankshaft and camshaft sensors or thermostats.  Warranted by the Ford Motor Company at any Ford dealership nationwide.

* For reference, Shipping costs for engines are listed at the bottom of our PRODUCTS page but are automatically calculated when you check out on our CART page.  The rates listed are for shipments to commercial addresses within business districts.  Residential shipping, shipments to rural areas or farms are charged more (Usually $200.00).  * Call for pricing on shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and International shipments. 

Asheville Engine also sells lifters, a stage 2 camshaft and other 6.4 Powerstroke parts. Click on this link to visit our “Products” page https://ashevilleengine.com/powerstroke-diesel-engines-2/

Additional information

Transmission Option

Automatic Transmission, Manual Transmission

Engine Options

Asheville Engine Coated Short Block, Asheville Engine Coated Long Block, Ford OEM Enhanced Short Block, Ford OEM Long Block (Stripped), Ford OEM Long Block with ARP head studs (stripped), Ford OEM studded Long Block with extras, Ford OEM Complete Drop In, Ford OEM Complete with ARP head studs


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