6.4 Powerstroke Rebuild Kit

Asheville Engine, the nation’s leading Ford Powerstroke Engine builder is now selling Rebuild Kits for the do-it-yourself’ers.  We have a Stock 6.4 Powerstroke Rebuild Kit with everything needed to rebuild your long block with a complete gasket set for installing the engine for $2,215.00 with FREE shipping.

We sell an Enhanced Rebuilt Kit for your 6.4with De-lipped, thermal coated pistons, Polydyn coated bearings and our own, Asheville Engine stage 2 camshaft to give you what it takes to make a 6.4 really last.

All of the details and prices are on our web site www.AshevilleEngine.com

Asheville EngineWe Keep You Strokin’ 

Asheville Engine, Inc.

Asheville Engine is the leading independent Powerstroke engine builder in the world, powering trucks in Guatemala, Switzerland, Australia, Iceland, Denmark and other countries around the world. We are serious about our business and keep enough inventory IN STOCK to build 50 to 100 Powerstroke engines so our lead time is generally only 1 to 3 days.